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Not Legal Advice: About this log

Marc Aupiais is a law student studying at the university of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, Olive Schreiner Law School. His views here are not legal advice, he is only a law student, and are not necessarily accurate. The blog is really selfish, designed to help him study, as he has learnt much while blogging. It is a place for him to air opinions, views, and his limited takes on cases. He is not a lawyer, even though he does have some knowledge of law. Please, if you want to use information, go to a real actual lawyer, who is practicing, do not rely on this student blog, which is all it is. Nothing here should be relied on, rather, it is here to personally aid Marc Aupiais, and arguments may be of interest. See this as a novelty, and as an interesting place to debate, because that is all it is at present!